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Empowering your data-driven customer strategy with solid foundation of data management and governance frameworks.

Data is Nothing without Data Competence

Data is the “raw material” of digital transformation. Without proper knowledge, effective tools and refinement, the raw material remains what it is. As businesses create more data than ever before, there are more of these businesses trying to capitalize on that data via the available business intelligence and analytics solutions in the market. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to reach these goals for themselves, which based on Forrester research, only 29% of businesses said they are good at connecting analytics to action.

Key Reasons Why Most BI Initiatives Fail

  • Misconceptions about BI and Analytics
  • Poor Data Quality
  • Absence of Training and Execution
  • Low Adoption of BI Tools
  • Absence of Data Governance

How We Help?

Our BI and data analytics experts work with you to create an effective data strategy transforming how your team prepare data, identify actionable insights and hidden opportunities to derive maximum business value.

transforming business intelligence

Offering the unprecedented way on how your team interact with data, consume data, and materialize insights by putting data analytic techniques in the hands of business users.

democratizing data

Democratize data and empower your team to leverage data to create new opportunities and drive business growth, while maintaining proper data governance practices to ensure data security and compliance.

developing data competencies

We are here to upskill your team with data competencies from data collection planning and management, data storytelling and advocacy, data-driven decision making to data documentation.

Our Capabilities

Data Strategy
data management
data governance
Data Visualization
business intelligence

Featured Customer

“Having Sean and the team at 13Owl as digital partners has made a world of difference. They have helped us avoid pitfalls by introducing cost optimized methods to achieve successes along the way that is relevant to our business and organizational ability. There’s no shortcut to DX but having the team as part of this journey has been one of the driving forces.” 

– Kristy Yong, Executive Director, MS READ


Need Any Help to Build an Agile and Solid Data Foundation?

Our data experts are standing by to discuss how we can help with your business intelligence & data needs.