IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Recession-proof your business by embracing digital transformation to continually adapt and deliver maximum values.

Digital Transformation is Now a Matter of Survival

The 2020 pandemic caught all businesses off guard and most now facing the uncertainties of whether the recession will continue or even worsen. Business priorities revolve around survival, recovery and disruption preparation. Thus, Digital transformation (DX) has now become a business imperative priority for most organizations.


Unfortunately, most businesses do not equip with the right digital expertise and capabilities to have a clear picture on how they can leverage digital solutions to control and cut costs by improving operational efficiency. According to BDO, a task for which digital solutions are perfectly suited is more effective in sustaining businesses through financial turbulence than traditional cost-cutting measures alone.

How We Help?

Our IT as a Service (ITaaS) provides you teams of digital experts that will help to drive your business forward by taking advantage of our strategic advice, emerging technologies and trusted insights – at a pace that is right for your business. Meanwhile, we also help to reinvent your application portfolio that align with your strategic goals, while maintaining visibility and control over the applications.

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Streamline the process with automation, free up your staff from daily manual tasks and redeploy them to higher-value tasks or fill critical gaps.

reduce costs

Reduce operational and supporting costs while maintaining business continuity, instead of hiring and maintaining an internal IT team.

scalability and agility

From fixes, new features, integrations to regulation and process changes, we help you adapt proactively, so that your applications continually deliver maximum value to the business.

Our Capabilities

applications development and maintenance
cloud management
cost optimization
digital strategy
data analytics
cloud infrastructure and implementation

Featured Customer

“Having Sean and the team at 13Owl as digital partners has made a world of difference. They have helped us avoid pitfalls by introducing cost optimized methods to achieve successes along the way that is relevant to our business and organizational ability. There’s no shortcut to DX but having the team as part of this journey has been one of the driving forces.” 

– Kristy Yong, Executive Director, MS READ


Need Any Help to Recession-Proof Your Business?

Our digital experts are standing by to discuss how we can help to prepare your business for a recession through digitalization.