Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence

Unify customer data from every touch point into a single profile and offer personalized online to offline shopping experience to your customers across different channels.

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Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data Unification

Consolidating all your omnichannel customer and retail data from multiple sources into single place.

Data Unification

Data Synthesize

Searching for a granular understanding of your customers and resolve into one comprehensive profile to create better customer persona.

Data Synthesize

Data Activation

Empowering your team to drive business by funneling audiences through personalized and contextual online to offline shopping experience.

Automated RFM Segmentation

Our automated customer segmentation report helps to analyse and group your customers based on their transaction history – how recently (Recency), how often (Frequency) and how much did they buy (Monetary).


Unlike traditional segmentation method that using demographic and psychographic factors, RFM is a data-driven customer segmentation that can help in reducing churn, offering personalized upsells and cross-sells to segments that are more likely to respond, increasing loyalty and referrals, selling high ticket items and more.

Data-Driven Product Merchandising Decisions

Delivering new sources of insights that shift product merchandising from an art into a science — offering your team to have deeper understanding on how to meet the demands of today’s always-on customers.

Transforming Inventory Management Capabilities

Offering immediate insights to empower your team making informed decisions to ensure holding the correct stock to maximize sales and profit, with demand forecasting, markdown suggestions and more.

Featured Customer

“Having Sean and the team at 13Owl as digital partners has made a world of difference. They have helped us avoid pitfalls by introducing cost optimized methods to achieve successes along the way that is relevant to our business and organizational ability. There’s no shortcut to DX but having the team as part of this journey has been one of the driving forces.” 

– Kristy Yong, Executive Director, MS READ


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